For When the Tide Gets Low: The Purpose Behind it

For When The Tide Gets Low holds a special place on the Ducky Brand Apparel website, and is meant to be much more than just a blog. It is not meant to be informative, nor for any kind of marketing/sales purposes. This is a genuine resource for any individuals who are in a state of mental crisis, in desperate need of regaining control of their mental well being. It is titled “For When The Tide Gets Low”, as a metaphorical reminder that there is somewhere to turn to when a person’s mental illness takes them to a dark place (or their “tide gets low”). A tide rises to highs and falls down to lows, just like the complex fluctuation in a person’s state of mind. The title is also meant to be a metaphorical reminder that just because an individual is in a dark place at that particular moment, it isn’t going to last, and that mentally dark place will eventually turn into a happier, peaceful and prosperous state of mind, similar to how a tide never stays at its lowest point, but instead eventually will rise high again. This in itself is intended to provide a sense of comfort and hope for any individuals in need, as it reminds them that just because they don’t feel so great right now, does not mean it will last forever.

This blog is accessible through the click of this logo (shown above) that resembles an anchor. Again, the anchor is of significant symbolism. It is a metaphorical reminder that clicking the anchor is a resource to help suffering individuals understand that they will return to a state of mental stability and control, similar to what an anchor does for any boat in the ocean’s powerful, extreme weather conditions. The entries of this blog is filled with deep, emotionally powerful sentiments. Entries are written by Mitchell Burke, one of our team’s members, who is also a published author for his writing on his own struggles with mental illness. His novel has been credited with persuading someone from taking their own life. We at Ducky Brand Apparel felt that it was not only necessary, but also our responsibility to offer his powerful, emotional, and potentially life changing words with any individuals in need, who feel they have nowhere else to turn to.

So, if you are ever in a state of crisis and feel like there is nowhere to turn to, look for the anchor.