Our Story

About Us

We at Ducky Brand Apparel realize how expensive it is for those who suffer from mental illness to get the access to the resources they need to become mentally healthy. It can cost upwards of $100CAD every time an individual sees a psychologist (for a 1 hour session), and buying/trying all the different kinds of antidepressant medications in order to find out what worked best for each individual is even more expensive. The process of getting to mental well-being usually means putting forth thousands of dollars to get help and treatment needed, which is a luxury most people can’t afford. A lot of people struggle with mental illness without proper care or treatment, and a large reason why is simply because they can’t afford it. That’s where we come in. According to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in 2017 alone (North America), nearly 50,000 people died by suicide, 1,300,000 people attempted to take their own lives, meaning roughly 130 people die by suicide every single day. These numbers are in severe need of change.


How We Plan To Give Back

Realizing that there are people out there that suffer from mental illness, but do not have access to the resources they need to become mentally healthy, 30% of all proceeds will be donated to a charity that has the same goal in mind that we do: To help those suffering from mental illness, when they are unable to afford proper care and treatment.

    The 30% of profits (from sales of all Ducky Brand Apparel products) will be placed into a separate savings account, and donated to Mental Healthcare Initiatives, on a set date, annually. We hope that, through the sales of our apparel and donation to this institution, we can make public mental healthcare more accessible for those who suffer from mental illness, but do not have the means to help themselves.


    What Ducky Brand Symbolizes

    The Ducky Brand Logo is meant to be a symbol of support for anyone who has suffered or currently does suffer from mental health issues, and their battle with it.

    It is a symbol of connectivity and compassion among human beings, letting others know that they are not alone in the fight against mental illness, and that it is okay to not be okay.

    It is also to spread awareness that mental illness is not a sign of weakness, or something that anyone should feel embarrassed or ashamed of. It is a sign to remind people that mental illness is a medical condition, must be viewed as such, like how you would view someone with a disease, such as cancer, for example.

    It also is meant to remind those that struggle with mental illness, but do not have the support or finances to receive treatment/help, that there are options for treatment within institutions that do not require payment.

    Finally, it serves as a reminder to be kind to everyone you come across, because you have no idea what they could be going through, and you being a nice person to them might make the difference between them deciding to take their own life or not.